Wyoming Board of Acupuncture

The Wyoming Board of Acupuncture was established by House Enrolled Act 83 during the 2017 Wyoming Legislative Session.

The primary commitment of the Wyoming Board of Acupuncture is to promote accessible, integrative health for Wyoming citizens by ensuring their health, safety and welfare through the licensing and regulation of individuals practicing acupuncture in the state.

We request that all correspondence be directed to the Board office and not to Board Members. This is to:

  • Ensure the Board Office can maintain all records of correspondence to comply with the Public Records Act, Wyoming Statute 16-4-201 through 205.

  • Ensure no board member speaks on behalf of the board and that board decisions are made at appropriately noticed public meetings in accordance with the Public Meetings Act, Wyoming Statute 16-4-401 through 408.

  • Ensure that any potential case is conducted according to the Administrative Procedure Act, Wyoming Statute 16-3-101 through 115.

You can find Board Staff information on the Contact Us page.