Wyoming Board of Acupuncture


Public notice is hereby given that the Wyoming State Board of Acupuncture is proposing changes to Chapter 2 and 4 to further clarify the requirements for auricular acupuncture as defined in W.S. 33-49-102(a)(iv). The proposed rule change expands training opportunities to include a Board approved training course that is equivalent to those offered by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). The proposed changes to Chapter 4 define what is required to be considered equivalent to the NADA training program.

The Board of Acupuncture Rules can be found here.

Written comments regarding the proposed changes will be accepted until January 26, 2023 and may be submitted in writing in person, mail, or email at the address below:

Wyoming State Board of Acupuncture

2001 Capitol Ave Rm 127

Cheyenne, WY 82002

email: chelsea.cortez2@wyo.gov

Commenters may request a statement of principal reasons for overruling the consideration urged by the commenter. If requested, the statement will be issued either prior to or within thirty (30) days after agency action.

Dated this 19th day of December, 2022.

Chelsea Cortez

Executive Director

The Acupuncture Practice Act, or Statute, can be found in Wyoming Statute § 33-49-101 through 112.

Based on this statutory authority, the Board filed rules effective December 17, 2019, with revisions to Chaper 2 effective April 21, 2021.