Wyoming Board of Acupuncture

This is a general overview of the disciplinary/contested case process. To the extent that its application in any given situation contradicts the Board’s Rules and Regulations, the Board’s Practice Act, the Wyoming Administrative Procedures Act, any court order, federal or state law, the latter shall control.

The Wyoming State Board of Acupuncture (Board) regulates the practice of acupuncturists and auricular acupuncturists. Complaints should be filed against specific licensees and not the facility, clinic, corporation, etc.

A copy of this complaint and all supporting documentation will be provided to the licensee in order for them to be given the opportunity to respond to the allegations in the complaint.

The entire complaint review, investigation and legal review process may take an extended period of time depending on the complexity of the case and the pending caseload before the Board.

When a complaint is received it is assigned a complaint number. The complaint will be referred to by this number throughout the process. You will receive a letter from Board staff acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

 An investigator will be assigned to the complaint. The investigator may contact you and your witnesses if additional information is needed. After full review of all of the information gathered, the investigator will make a recommendation to the Board.

The Board must vote to accept the investigator’s recommendation during a public meeting. Once the Board votes to accept the recommendation, the case proceeds as directed by the Board for disposition. After the Board action, the licensee and the complainant are notified of the outcome in writing.